From Red Giant to White Dwarf

The image at the right is a reconstruction of Antares, the red heart-star of the constellation Scorpio from the European Southern Observatory. Antares is technically not a standard Red Giant, it’s a Red Supergiant, which has a different life- and deathcycle. In spite of these differences it still gives an exciting view of the luminous orange color of a “red” star.

The slide deck below has a basic breakdown of the end of the life of a “normal” star, such as the Sun. In fact, the Sun is an extraordinary object, but appears normal from our human perspective. An episodic breakdown will be on my TikTok channel beginning on March 6th, 2023. I’ll stitch the videos together once the the topic is complete and embed it here.

These materials are my intellectual property, but you may use them, including the video clips with attribution, either by a linkback or shoutout. Please reference The Sexy Universe or my social media channels.

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